The Mission and the Money

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U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton once asked what the meaning of "is", is. Well, this short article defines the mission of the word "is" even better than he asked about the meaning of "is". The mission of "is" is simple, it defines what you are selling and to whom you are working for while you are selling, hence the title of this article "The Mission and The Money". Sure I could have called it what I was originally going to call it, "Mission not Impossible", but, it would not have been original enough.

If you genuinely want to sell something, you have to be original and self serving in your approach all at once. I will explain what I mean, if the product you are selling is valuable to you as a normal human being, it is valuable ultimately to other normal human beings, this is where the mission comes in. The money comes when you find the human being whose value needs you fulfill. In this case the two words "value needs" are the meaning of the word "is" in that, you are fulfilling a need that is in existence for that person, and for you money wise. Hence we get the mission concept first and the money concept thereafter.

Sure, there are always possibilities with that little word "is", but, one thing is for certain, the mission is to deliver value, and benefit yourself with the money from that value. So, I can say value for value in the most honest, reality oriented way possible.

Sure, I can mentally, phonetically, in text and verbally tap dance like President Clinton or genuinely fulfill the meaning of is by delivering a definite and defined honest value to you through this article in every way. I choose to do the latter, that is what it comes down to for me though, those two succinct choices. No other choices exist for me in this article or in my reality. This is the mission and the money in this case. This is the genuine meaning of "is" in value for anyone. Cry foul, cry "ballot or bullet".

Two choices always exist, yes or no. And rationally I choose yes. If the case warrants it, rationally I choose no. Whatever has value to me in reality is my choice, whatever benefits as a whole works for me. This is the mission and the money. I mean by the words, "mission and money", the one concept: value. If you do not have that concept within what is being done, you do not have a thing. As an old friend said to me: There is no getting along without getting along. I end on that note.

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The Mission and the Money

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This article was published on 2010/03/31