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Military leaders, especially those in the Marine Corps, are taught many things. Leadership is a skill that can be learned like any other. But while we often hear about natural born leaders, and while it is true that some people are put on this earth to lead, being born with this skill is not a prerequisite. By making a study of leadership, learning the lessons of leaders, and then applying them, anyone can become a successful leader.

The study of leadership is essential for anyone seeking business success. And there is no better place to study effective leadership principles than by studying the lessons of the military. Furthermore, one could argue that due to the elite nature of the Marine Corps, studying Marine Corps leadership principles is a logical endeavor for anyone seeking business success. Indeed whole books have been devoted to this very topic, and the Harvard Business school routinely prepares case studies on the leadership principles of the Marine Corps.

When you consider the things that a military leader is faced with, particularly when leading troops in combat, the first thing on any military leader's list is to accomplish the mission. Within the context of military operations, accomplishing the mission is everything. Anything else-how a unit operates in combat, how it gets to the battlefield, how well it fights the battle for example-are all secondary to whether the mission was accomplished or not. The bottom line of course is that if the mission was unsuccessful, all of the unit's efforts were wasted.

The same thing holds true for Internet marketing and online commerce. Internet marketing is a business. It is about generating income and earning profits. That is the mission of the Internet entrepreneur. Fancy websites, elegant blogs, well-written content, and everything else that an Internet marketer does are irrelevant if the business is not successful. And since the mission of any business is to make money, if the online entrepreneur is not earning a lucrative income, they're failing at their mission.

In order to become an industry leader, one must make it a point to study successful industry leaders and to emulate them. Once the study of success has become second nature, it is also important to find a mentor who can guide and direct. By learning the lessons of others who have already become successful, and applying them to the individual business, virtually anyone can become a leader in this industry, and make a very lucrative income doing it. And remember-your mission is to be successful. Strive diligently to accomplish it.

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Accomplish the Mission

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This article was published on 2010/03/28